CHEKKER® is a technology platform for digitalization of manual labor processes in the precast concrete manufacturing and other industries with
manual production requirements

CHEKKER® Products

Now available in the following configurations


  • Projection area up to 30m²
  • 1x CHEKKER® Box
  • CHEKKER® Software
  • CHEKKER® Control App
  • Rugged Tablet
  • All cables & chargers


  • Projection area up to 50m²
  • 2x CHEKKER® Box
  • CHEKKER® Software
  • CHEKKER® Control App
  • Rugged Tablet
  • All cables & chargers
CHEKKER® Included Optional
CHEKKER® Box qualitycontrol
CHEKKER® Control Tablet qualitycontrol
Data formats & interfaces qualitycontrol
Projection qualitycontrol
Auto-Calibration qualitycontrol
Additional Services
Augmented Reality qualitycontrol
Formwork registration qualitycontrol
Maintenance qualitycontrol

CHEKKER® Explained

Real-size projections instead of scaled down paper plans!


CHEKKER® simultaneously guides and digitizes manual activity during the production process and transfers data bi-directionally to and from the work area. Scaled (paper) plans are replaced by projecting 1:1 scale CAD drawings onto the production surface or formwork area.

Step-by-step automated scanning of manual work enables ongoing quality assurance by planned vs. actual comparison. This generates valuable data for downstream processes and workflow management.

Sophisticated parsing of the CAD drawings creates intuitive, step-by-step guidance for workers without the need for plan reading.

CHEKKER® Components

CHEKKER® consists of multiple tightly integrated hardware components and proprietary software.

With CHEKKER®, paper plans are a thing of the past.

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CHEKKER® boxes project CAD-data directly
in full color and high resolution onto the entire production surface area.

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CHEKKER® software, in conjunction with the CHEKKER® Box, ensures a smooth workflow.

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CHEKKER® automatically recognizes positions, heights, edges, color features
and dimensions of fixtures and compares them to the respective CAD-data.

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CHEKKER® Control, allows to selectively show
or hide any parts of the plan projected onto the work area,
allowing for additional control of the workflow.

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Where is CHEKKER® used?

CHEKKER® can be used at stationary stand-alone workstations as well as integrated into automated manufacturing execution systems.

CHEKKER® covers rectangular work areas up to 50 m² in size.

The minimum installation height is 5.5 meters above the work area.

What is included with CHEKKER®?

Basic Components

Default Components (always included):

CHEKKER® Software
CHEKKER® Control

All hardware components necessary for installation, such as cables, device holders, etc. are included.


Optional CHEKKER® Components and Services:

CHEKKER® Services
CHEKKER® Maintenance


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The CHEKKER® Box is the heart of every CHEKKER® product configuration.

It consists of industrial cameras, PCs, and a high-intensity laser-powered cinema projector. CHEKKER® is designed for industrial use in harsh environments.

The CHEKKER® Box is part of the following product configurations:

  • CHEKKER® Single
  • CHEKKER® Twin

High Performance Projector



Industrial PC

CHEKKER® Software

Basic features, always included in CHEKKER® Single and Twin

Compatible data formats & interfaces

  • PXML (Version 1.2)
  • Unitechnik (version 6.0)
  • Compatible with the most common MES systems

1:1 projection

  • 1:1 scale projection of CAD plan data onto the production surface
  • Visualization of fixtures, reinforcement, concrete body and cut-outs
  • Display of lines, symbols, images, texts, animations and videos in over 16 million colors


  • CHEKKER® responds to changes of the work surface are through automatic system calibration to ensure the precision of the original scale projection.
  • Automatic, repetitive positioning of the plan projection on the production surface based on an existing fixed point.

CHEKKER® Quality Control

CHEKKER® significantly enhances the quality assurance process

Errors are minimized by providing intuitive guidance to the workers. Installed parts and materials are automatically identified and localized and compared to the plan data. Errors are indicated for correction before final approval.

CHEKKER® quality control consists of multiple components that can be individually combined based on customer requirements

CHEKKER® Control

Mobile Tablet App for Controlling CHEKKER® Software

Comes pre-installed on a “Rugged Tablet” suitable for rough manufacturing environment. Included with CHEKKER® Single and Twin.

  • Free positioning and rotation of plans on the work surface
  • Selection of visibility of displayable elements
  • Manual display and sequence control
  • Display of exact parts names and more

CHEKKER® Services

Expanding the CHEKKER® Single and Twin base-software

These CHEKKER® Services are optional and provide additional functionality on top of the standard CHEKKER® products

Augmented Reality

Transforms the rugged tablet into a powerful Augmented Reality device. With this Control App software extension 3D holograms of all components can be displayed in their precise location on the production floor.

This makes it even easier to understand all details of the work piece and allows to visualize additional information not visible to the laser projector.

In addition, overlaying the real object with the corresponding 3D hologram, allows fast visual planned vs. built inspection and quality control.

Formwork registration

Formwork -

Formwork registration precisely detects and locates formwork or assembly elements that have previously been placed on the work surface. CHEKKER® then adjust its plan projection to perfectly align with these elements.

At the same time, this function can be used to automatically check the accuracy of the formwork or assembly elements that have already been placed.

CHEKKER® Maintenance

Software Maintenance

CHEKKER® software is subject to continuous development by our experts and thus, new functionalities will be continually implemented.

Regular software updates ensure that your CHEKKER® basic software is always up-to-date and compatible with all service packages.


CHEKKER® is automatically monitored remotely for early warning signs of potential faults or malfunction.

Ideally, those are detected and corrected beforehand to avoid interruptions of production. In the event of an unexpected malfunction, CHEKKER® Customer Care is automatically alerted and monitoring data are available to help with diagnosis.

In either case, the CHEKKER® Customer Care team coordinates closely with the customer to jointly define the most expedient solution.


CHEKKER® Customer Care can be contacted as follows:

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