CHEKKER® stands for the digitalization of manual manufacturing processes. Workers receive intuitive guidance and quality is checked automatically.


CHEKKER® projects the full-scale construction guidance step-by-step directly onto the work surface. It also continuously captures work progress and simultaneously checks whether all parts are laid out according to plan.

Real-size projections instead of paper plans

CHEKKER® digitizes manual labor

Simple instructions projected onto the work surface are easy to follow and eliminate the need for plan-reading. The full-scale projection on the working surface allows for precise and intuitive assembly of the necessary parts.

Continuous automated quality control ensures the correctness by comparing “as-planned” with “as-built” and minimizes potential errors.

With CHEKKER®, paper plans are a thing of the past.

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CHEKKER® boxes project CAD-data directly
in full color and high resolution onto the entire production surface area.

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CHEKKER® software, in conjunction with the CHEKKER® Box, ensures a smooth workflow.

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CHEKKER® automatically recognizes positions, heights, edges, color features
and dimensions of fixtures and compares them to the respective CAD-data.

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CHEKKER® Control, allows to selectively show
or hide any parts of the plan projected onto the work area,
allowing for additional control of the workflow.

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CHEKKER® simultaneously guides and digitizes manual activity during the production process and transfers data bi-directionally to and from the work area.

Scaled (paper) plans are replaced by projecting 1:1 scale CAD drawings onto the production surface or formwork area.

Paper plans are a thing of the past.

1:1 full-scale projections of CAD-plans are the future.


Hardware and Software

CHEKKER® consists of multiple tightly integrated hardware components and proprietary software. Hardware components consist of a high-lumen projector, an industrial PC, and industrial cameras. However, the sophisticated software transforms these standard hardware components into a precise measuring device.

Full-scale projection

By using a full-scale (1:1) projection system and the capabilty of visualizing instructions at various heights above the work surface, workers understand easily ”what“ has to go „where“ next. The benefit of a high-lumen projection system compared to a traditional line-laser is, that any information can be shown. This includes text, images, unlimited colors, even animations. Reading and interpreting the construction plans is now a thing of the past.

3D-Augmented Reality

To visualize the final product and to check progress and correctness at any time, a full-scale hologram of the work piece can be projected onto the work area. Workers, using a regular augmented Reality (AR)-capable tablet to inspect the hologram from any angle and location.

Automated Quality Control

The automated quality control ensures that all required mounting parts or reinforcement are placed correctly according to plan. Any deviation outside of the given tolerance is detected by CHEKKER® and workers are given clear instructions how to correct the situation.

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